Glass Flooring

A glass floor is a stunning, dramatic addition to any interior space. Not only does our glass flooring offer aesthetic appeal, but it also allows light to flow into the space below. The unique benefits of glass flooring continue with its superior, rigorously tested framing system and exceptional engineering support and design flexibility. Esteem tech interior system is the perfect solution for any glass-flooring project with beauty and simplicity that can't be matched.

Our glass-flooring system comes standard with various innovative features such as low iron glass is standard with all our glass-flooring products. We produced many crisp and clean profiles that are fully independent, self-supported structural framing engineered for commercial live loads, giving it distinct advantages.

Our products are thoroughly tested anti-slip textures. Pre-engineered and custom sizes for ease of integration.

Why Glass Flooring?

While there are many ways to achieve aesthetic brilliance in your building, one of the unique ways is through glass flooring. While most conventional buildings have tiled or wooden floorings, finding a home with a glass floor is a rare phenomenon. Its clean look coupled with a sophisticated finish helps it bring in a touch of royalty to the space. This makes it a luxurious choice as compared to wooden panels or ceramic tiles. If you're looking for a house with expansive layouts, lavish amenities, and overall magnificence, glass floors can help you achieve that in your building.

However, if you feel a glass floor is just for raising the aesthetic value of your home, you might be mistaken. It offers a lot more than that. Below are the advantages offered by glass flooring.

Advantages of Glass Flooring

- Easy to maintain
- Variety of design options
- Attractive alternatives to conventional flooring
- Glass floor consumes less energy in their production process.
- Strain resistant
- Lack of mold or mildew
- Fire safety solution
- Aesthetic look.

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